The Lowdown on Two New, Ultra-Low Trailers

Talbert Introduces Industry-Leading, Ultra Low
Deck Heights for SA and TA Units

In 2014 we introduced two trailers that have redefined the limits of low deck heights.

The new 55SA-LD, 55-Ton Spread-Axle, Low-Deck trailer features an industry-leading 18-inch deck height for spread axle trailers and an E1Nitro™.The highly versatile trailer can operate with three axles, four axles close-coupled or in a 3+1 spread-axle configuration. It also provides a new solution for haulers who need the flexibility of a low deck height and the ability to run a variety of configurations. Continue reading.

The new 4050TA, the latest addition to Talbert Manufacturing’s Traveling Axle Series, is ideal for haulers who need the flexibility of a California-legal trailer with a lower deck height for traveling axle trailers to clear bridges and tunnels when transporting taller equipment. With the additional clearance provided by its industry-leading 36-inch deck height, the 4050TA provides haulers extra load opportunities. Continue reading.

Keep the Shine

Talbert Teams with Valspar to Offer Paint and Corrosion Upgrades
Corrosion. It’s a trailer’s worst enemy and a hauler’s constant concern. The fight has been a tough one, but now Talbert is offering new weapons that just might win in the long haul.

We want to provide our customers with the best possible options to prevent corrosion and keep their trailers looking like new. To ensure long-lasting color and gloss, we now offer a more advanced paint option, Valspar R-Cure 800. This durable paint holds the initial gloss for 1,500 hours and keeps its color even after exposure to extreme weather. It also protects against scratches and chips when the trailers are on the road.

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